• Groucho (2015)

    When a downtrodden office worker stands up to the CCTV camera system that has been harassing him, he accidentally triggers a global protest against surveillance society.

    Hayden Boyle is having a bad week. Ridiculed by his colleagues, bullied by his boss and victimised by a car park surveillance camera, nothing is going his way. And when he wakes after a drunken party with a Groucho Marx likeness scrawled across his face, it only takes another parking ticket to push him over the edge. In a moment of mad defiance he stands up to the CCTV system that has battered him down, and becomes the inspiration for a global protest against surveillance.

    This satirical drama, shot from the point of view of the cameras that stalk our accidental hero, confronts the growth of mass surveillance and the blurred line between private and public life.

    A Plainview Films Production in association with the University of York.

    Directed by Jonathan Carr. Produced by Chris Marks.

    Coming soon to a film festival near you.

  • My Brother the Ark Raider (2013)

    When a Scottish adventurer vanishes while searching for the remains of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat, his brother travels to Turkey in search of answers.

    Derick Mackenzie journeys from the Western Isles of Scotland to the eastern edge of Turkey on the trail of his lost brother Donald, a self-styled evangelist adventurer who disappeared in mysterious circumstances while searching for the remains of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat.

    His last contact with his family was a text message sent from 12,000 feet up the mountainside. He was alone and a snowstorm was closing in. Since then they have heard nothing and had little assistance from the Turkish authorities.

    Did he succumb to the brutal winter weather or was he the victim of something more sinister? The only way to discover the truth, Derick believes, is to travel to Turkey to find out for himself.

    My Brother the Ark Raider is a film about two brothers, two religions and one mountain that may hold the key to bring some closure to a family hit by tragedy.

    A Plainview Films Production in association with BBC Alba and Creative Scotland.

    Directed & Produced by Jonathan Carr and Chris Marks.

    The film received its television premiere on BBC Alba in October 2013 and screened at the Lucerne International Film Festival in November 2014.

  • Get Luder (2010)

    What happens when you see your life's work destroyed in your own lifetime?

    Architect Owen Luder’s most famous building, the 'Get Carter' car park in Gateshead, is scheduled for demolition. This is nothing new for the once acclaimed 81-year-old Brutalist pioneer. His concrete giant, the Tricorn Centre in Portsmouth, is already down, and his other iconic Gateshead structure, the Dunston Rocket, faces a similar fate.

    ‘Get Luder’ charts his last-ditch bid to force a reappraisal and reinvention of the car park made famous by the Michael Caine gangster film as demolition day looms, and views a man struggling to retain his pride and dignity as he watches his work destroyed in his own lifetime.

    A Plainview Films Production in association with the Scottish Documentary Institute, BBC Scotland & Creative Scotland.

    Directed & Produced by Jonathan Carr and Chris Marks.

    Winner of the Delphic Art Movie Award 2011. Screened at Sheffield Doc/Fest, Palm Springs International Shortfest, Rooftops Film Festival, New York, Kassel Documentary Film Festival.